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Vermont • New York • New Hampshire • Massachusetts

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide dependable, affordable, and exceptional customer service to
all our guests through our transportation services.

And, if you don’t see the location you are looking for on the Tri State website, contact Tri State and inform them of the location you would like to visit.

Tri State Transportation believes everyone is entitled to a taste of the luxurious side of life.  And that is the experience promised to our customers. Every. Single. Ride.

To find out for yourself, contact Tri State today for your free estimate.

Whether our customer is looking for:

• A relaxing, tranquil ride to the airport
• A bus to the big event
• A cruise with friends and family to the local brewery
• Or perhaps an elegant ride for that flawless wedding day
• Local Rutland/Killington Taxi Service


Our goal is to present all of those who ride with us a singular service worth remembering again and again.

Our Services

Dependable, Affordable, and Exceptional Customer Service
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Airport Shuttle

While the act of getting from point A to point B has never been faster with plane travel, it’s all the other aspects that can be extremely complicated and unnecessarily stressful. At Tri State Transportation, we aim to simplify matters for you and your traveling companions by offering stress-free car service and airport shuttles.

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Wedding Services

Tri State Transportation understands that the wedding ceremony and celebration are the foundational experiences for your lives together. At Tri State Transportation, our business is to ensure a seamless journey from venue to venue through our car service or wedding shuttles.

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Special Events

At Tri State Transportation, we don’t believe you should not compromise quality for cost. That’s why all of our car services offer safety, dependability, comfort, and luxury –  all at an affordable price.

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Brewery & Winery Tours

According to the Vermont Brewers Association, there are approximately 68 breweries in the state of Vermont; the most per capita in the entire United States. And Tri State Transportation wants you to see as many of them as you can.

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Transportation the right way

We have built a legacy of luxury at an affordable cost. Our five-star customer reviews attest to the quality!

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